Our HR Policy​​

ik politikası

Human Resources Policy

As a Batı Anadolu Group, we support the development of personal and professional skills of our employees with our philosophy of placing candidates towards the right position in line with our goals and principles.

By our understanding of human resources management, we aim to create employees with high institutional loyalty, creating value, motivated and open to innovation.

• To find the right person without the distinction of religion, language, race and gender in line with the objectives and strategies of our group companies, to place the right job and to ensure the continuity of efficient workforce,    

• To create a fair and happy working environment for our employees and to implement a proper career planning with their personal and professional development,    

• In accordance with our corporate culture and values; Create an advanced employee family, working hard, honest and a sense of belonging,    

• To follow all developments related to human resources and to implement all innovations in accordance with the objectives and policies of our group companies,    

• To create human resources structure that is sensitive to environment and society while performing all these things.