A solid cement construction is key to build a bright future

It was founded with the support of the Batı Anadolu Group and rang bells at 3 schools that hosted nearly 3,000 students. Fatih Usta, the human resources director of the Batı Anadolu Group who participated in the ceremony held at the Batı Anadolu Cement Secondary School due to the beginning of the new school year, said, "Our schools which aim to educate students based on Ataturk's principles and revolution are our biggest Our pride, "he said.  

Fatih Usta continued as follows: "As the Batı Anadolu Group, we have built a school in Bornova, Aydın Söke, two in Izmir, one after another in recent years, and handed over to the Ministry of National Education. However, we care not only to invest in buildings and internal equipment, but also to academic equipment, sports, arts and social activities in these schools every year. Our children who are studying at our schools attend Tübitak science fairs, mind games, robotic coding, chess trainings, as well as the work of football, basketball, volleyball and folk dances. Three of our schools have ' nutrition friendly school ' and ' white flag ' certificates. And at the beginning of every academic year, our joy is growing. How happy we are! "

Fatih Usta, Director of human resources of theBatı Anadolu Group, said, "as a support for these schools, we only contribute to the basic tuition of a bright future, those who will build the future, our esteemed teachers," saying the new education year Presented their wishes to teachers and students for success.

In line with the understanding of "responsible industrialism", in the schools built by the Batı Anadolu Group which has various social investments in education, health, culture and Arts, Batıçim Elementary School, Batı Anadolu Cement Secondary and Batı Söke Cement. The middle school has a total of 60 classrooms. Schools serve up to 3000 students.

The Batı Anadolu Group's schools all have a "white flag" certificate. This certificate is given by the Ministries of Health and national education to schools that have 90 points over 100 in terms of cleaning, within the framework of the project, which is aimed at promoting schools for cleanliness and hygiene.

He also finds the "Nutrition Friendly School" certificate in these three schools. The "Nutrition Friendly School Project", which is planned by the Ministries of Health and Education, aims to increase the sensitivity of healthy nutrition and moving life in schools and to support good practices in this regard. As of today, over 65 thousand schools throughout Turkey, there is a "nutrition friendly School" certificate in nearly 2,250 school.  

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