"Good Markets" to the working women of the Aegean markets

In 1966, the foundations of the Batı Anadolu Group, which was laid down with Batıçim and not only in the Aegean region but also one of the most important industrial groups of Turkey, met with the working women of the Aegean markets this year with the project "Good markets".

The "Good markets" project, which was brought to life two years ago during the groups 50th anniversary, aims to raise the public awareness of this issue in a period when healthy nutrition has increased its importance in today's conditions, but it is so difficult. The good markets team, which conveyed the importance of eating the food to the market, consuming enough fresh vegetables and fruits, and preferring fresh and seasonal products, is also in the third year of the project from Tire to Seferihisar during April and May. Visited the Aegean markets again from Bornova to Söke. The project team has not only informed the markets, but also listened to the voices of female producers in line with the main theme of "Women producers of Aegean markets" this year.  

The member of the Executive committee of the Batı Anadolu Group, Feyyaz Unal, stated that they reached approximately 50 thousand people by the "good markets" project this year, while also expressing their happiness in obtaining the opportunity to meet and solidarity with women producers this year.

"This year, the focus of the project was on how women producers and their labour were assessed.  We wanted to learn about the problems and expectations of women manufacturers in traditional folk markets, to express their value to them and to give our gratitude once again. In these meetings, we have seen how happy the traditional market producer women are to actively participate in economic life while supporting their families. They have footprints in the field, all the processes.  They are not only our family, our table, but also the silent heroes of our microeconomics... "

Stating that the participation of women in employment is an indispensable element of economic strengthening, unal stressed that the economies that best assess the potential of women in the global competitive environment will step forward in the competition.

The Batı Anadolu Group aims to contribute to the development of adequate and balanced dietary habits by direct contact with the people of the region they serve.

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